When I am not working on my video games I am making 3D models. I just found out about OpenSCAD.org and I have been coding up models like a storm.

Take a look around, some of my models are built for 3D printing and some are built for fun or for a video game.

When I was about to start designing a case for my Arduino Uno I decided that I should make a 3D model of one first and make sure it was to scale! So here it is, this model can be 3D printed but the male headers do not turn out so good due to their small size.

This is a model of the HXT500 micro servo. I made this model just ever so slightly over sized so it would punch a perfect hole when I am making mounting plates.

A friend of mine needed a spacer for his extruder fan on his Anet A8 3D printer. I made this in a few minutes in OpenSCAD and decided to post it in case anyone else needs one. The plate is for a 40mm X 40mm square fan with a 38mm diameter fan.