VS Live

I am at Visual Studio Live.  I’ll be updating this post with tidbits of info as I find them interesting.

Day One

9am-6pm Distributed cross platform development.

  • Real world is non-deterministic and asynchronous, our applications should be too!
  • NodaTime is an opensource lib for dealing with time in the .net stack.
  • Game Developers are the best at defending against replay attacks (look into this to defend global high score systems)
  • Halo Used Orleans to build it’s distributed cloud services in Azure to track tons of stats
    • Orleans uses an actor system (terms silo and grains)

Micro Services

  • SOA died 10 years ago (1 out of 100+ people in the room raised their hand when asked if SOA was successful at their company)
  • Micro has nothing to do with the size of the service.
  • Every service is an application with real deployment pains.
  • Without automated testing and deployment Micro Services can’t succeed either! (Taking a monolith app that takes a week plus, break it into micro services and now an update takes n weeks to deploy)
  • Not every method can be a service due to network latency.

Service Bus

  • Service Bus is just a message queue
    • Azure Service Bus
    • NService Bus
    • Mass Transit

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