VS Live

I am at Visual Studio Live.  I’ll be updating this post with tidbits of info as I find them interesting.

Day One

9am-6pm Distributed cross platform development.

  • Real world is non-deterministic and asynchronous, our applications should be too!
  • NodaTime is an opensource lib for dealing with time in the .net stack.
  • Game Developers are the best at defending against replay attacks (look into this to defend global high score systems)
  • Halo Used Orleans to build it’s distributed cloud services in Azure to track tons of stats
    • Orleans uses an actor system (terms silo and grains)

Micro Services

  • SOA died 10 years ago (1 out of 100+ people in the room raised their hand when asked if SOA was successful at their company)
  • Micro has nothing to do with the size of the service.
  • Every service is an application with real deployment pains.
  • Without automated testing and deployment Micro Services can’t succeed either! (Taking a monolith app that takes a week plus, break it into micro services and now an update takes n weeks to deploy)
  • Not every method can be a service due to network latency.

Service Bus

  • Service Bus is just a message queue
    • Azure Service Bus
    • NService Bus
    • Mass Transit

Games… Err Game!

I have added a link to one of the games I made for Ludum Dare.  If you don’t know Ludum Dare is a game jam where you build a game in just one weekend!  Anyway the game “Not So Small” was for a challenge to build a game where the theme was small.  You are a small lumber jack just trying to do your job and nature hates you for it! Try to cut down as much stuff as you can and fight off mother nature to reach the top of the global leader boards!

Click Here to Play Now!